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Montessori Wooden 3D Jigsaw Game

Montessori Wooden 3D Jigsaw Game

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Product name: Rainbow bar thinking puzzle
Material: Wood
Packaging: Bag
Products included: 18 non-repeating cards, 24 sticks

How to play:
The baby chooses a card at random, and matches it with wooden sticks according to the pattern on the card. After the pairing is completed, the parents check whether it is correct.

Product features:
1. A variety of ways to improve hands-on ability through the clever combination of card questions and Popsicle sticks to enhance fun.
2. Color cognition, the rainbow stick has a total of 6 colors for the baby to understand. Cultivate baby's color cognition ability from childhood.
3. Rich shape, 18 card questions do not repeat, improve the baby's observation, a variety of shapes to exercise the baby's imagination and creativity.

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