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Montessori Nesting Dolls

Montessori Nesting Dolls

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Montessori Nesting Dolls Toy Russian Doll Educational Toys for Children Silicone Stacking Blocks Doll Inside Doll

★ Product introduction

· Product Name: Baby Soft Building Blocks

· Material: Silicone

· Product size: As pciture

· Conditions: New quality, safe and non-toxic

· Suitable for babies:> 2 years old

★ Product features

· 1. Develop children's logical thinking ability.

· 2. Exercise cooperative skills and improve hands-on skills.

· 3. Enhance the ability to distinguish shapes and things.

· 4. Promote hand-eye coordination and stimulate sensory development.

· 5. Develop brain thinking and recognize different colors.

★Cleaning Tips:

· 1. The new item should be cleaning by warm water before use.

· 2. And it can be used after cooling .

· 3. Do not expose to the sun or boiling water.

· 4. It should be cleaning after each use.

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