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DIY Bird House Kit Build and Paint Birdhouse Arts and Crafts

DIY Bird House Kit Build and Paint Birdhouse Arts and Crafts

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DIY Bird House Kit Build and Paint Birdhouse Arts and Crafts Girls Boys Toddlers Creative Activities Wooden Toys for Kids
Product introduction
· Product Name: Birds House Kits
· Material: Natural Wood
· Product size: 28.8x18.2cm

·Conditions: New quality, safe and non-toxic
· Suitable for babies: over 3 years old

Product features
1.Upgraded reinforcement design:Less costs, you will get new released DIY bird house kit with upgraded reinforcement design as kids toys. No glue needed and no falling apart, kids will be completely immersed in their art craft activities without frustrations any more!
2.Easy to build and paint:The wooden boards of the birdhouse are pre-cut and slotted, no nails or hammers required, kids can easily finish the bird house independently or by few tips from parents, sisters, brothers, or teacher. Please note that you have to completely push the small protuberance into the slot for structure reinforcement, then for freewheeling painting craft activities.
3.Kids' wood craft kits for pretend play:Great for hand-eye coordination, creative expression, fine motor skills, pretend play, and self-confidence. Great gift idea for birthdays, parties, after school fun, summer projects, Saturday projects and holidays. Recommended for kids between the ages 3-8.
4.Brighten up your backyard:Attach your sweetie's cute and colorful craft work on birdhouse fence or hang it under the tree in your yard as adornments, thus add some scents and sounds of the season!

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